With experience of over 50 years managing valuables, security, logistics and packaging, Grupo Almo is today a leading organization that provides innovative, efficient and high quality services.

Commitment, trust, responsibility are the values that have been sealed on our path. Grupo Almo employs around 13,000 associates and operates in Central America, Colombia and in The United States.

The leadership that we have achieved along our successful path compels us to be in constant evolution, having as a main objective to provide customer service excellence throughout our Business Units building satisfaction, confidence and credibility in customers and partners alike.

The decisions and actions of our organization are guided by the Corporate Values and Culture of service which are essentially based on a philosophy established from the beginning, allowing our company to stay in a line of sustainable growth, expanding markets, and allowing the establishment of new businesses.

Our vision

Grupo Almo invests and rules service network.

Our Mision

Grupo Almo allocates resources to obtain the highest possible returns, through corporate governance, with "Best in Class" standards establishing the strategic direction of the corporation.

Our Values

In Grupo Almo, we are governed by four main values, which are the guidelines for every member of the organization.


  • To speak and act with sincerity.
  • To act with decency and integrity.
  • The adequate management of what each one of us is in charge of.
  • To follow the principles and values that, regardless of external pressures, will allow us to act straightly.
  • Honesty is friend of honor.


  • Set of rules necessary to achieve a desired goal, to the organization of things, the distribution of time and the performance of all human activity.
  • Structure of life in every aspect, to be able to reach established goals.


  • The essence of respect is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
  • Appreciate and value myself, as well as the others and what surrounds me.
  • Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity.


  • Comply with the duty to assume the consequences of my actions.
  • Be accountable to ourselves, our family, our bosses and staff, our customers, society and God.

Rab'il Culture

Developed under the Disney model, the Customer Service Culture "Rab'il" allows us to give a differentiated assistance, trough the provision of an excellent service to our customers. Thus providing an excellent service to our customers.

Our Vision of Service

Your trust commits me to deliver.

Your trust commits ME to meet your expectations. With this vision we have impact in over 14,000 associates and 50,000 customers, through all of our companies in the countries where we operate.

To measure our accomplishment, we defined four Standards of Service:

  • Security:

    Protect the life and goods of the associates, of our company and of our customers.

  • Quality:

    Fulfill the promise of always delivering our services and products on time and with excellence.

  • Courtesy:

    Be respectful, kind and polite through our actions to our associates and customers.

  • Efficiency:

    Use the available resources properly, in order to obtain the best results for our company and our customers.

Our People

Grupo Almo is a corporation integrated by exceptional talent, leaders that have the experience, the competences and the necessary potential to direct the organization towards success.

Through all the years in our trajectory, success has been possible thanks to those who are part of our team, all of them with a high commitment to reach goals and overcome any obstacles. That´s why we invest in our people, developing their skills to quickly adapt to the changes of the environment we operate in, promoting an atmosphere of collaboration throughout the organization, as well as investing in the necessary technology to provide the tools that will allow them to make the best decisions.

We believe the Central American Region, we know that investing in it is the right choice and that is why we seek the constant creation of employment opportunities, based in the compliance of labor laws.

The History of Almo

In the 60's Cerwin Murillo y Cía. Limitada was established, a company dedicated to the import of electronic security products: By the end of the decade we are: one country, Guatemala, with 20 associates.

In the 70's Cerwin Murillo y Cía. Limitada becomes Alarmas de Guatemala, and so begins the history of the group in the service industry, being one of the first private security forces of Guatemala. By the end of the decade we are: one country, Guatemala, with 100 associates.

In the 80's the business group moves forward and continues to grow with the establishment of Protección de Valores. (PROVAL), and Cargo Expreso, and also begins the expansion to Central America, with operations in El Salvador and Honduras, with Alarmas del Salvador, PROVAL de El Salvador, PROVAL de Honduras, Uniformados de Honduras. We are three countries and 1,000 associates and Almo offices are established with the purpose of integrating all corporate operations.

In the 90's the current operations are consolidated, the company El Ebano becomes part of the group, and also Metropol. is established, and then the authorized representation of the operation of UPS is obtained, adding one more operation, closing with the Northern Cone and 4,000 associates.

As of the year 2000, the decade in which we reach Panama begins, adding to the group Costa Rica and Nicaragua, with Gresinsa, VSN, AVT, ALS, and also the group has built new businesses like Pronet, Neo Seguridad, Linker, Transval, new talents have raised to the ranks of the group, making us one of the largest employers in the region and the largest carriers at regional level.

Along the year 2011 we continue growing, expanding our Logistics services, opening operations in China through AVT.

In 2013 The integration of the Colombian company Transportadora del Sur (TVS) to the Valuables Management business unit becomes official.

The vision of the company that the group has had, has taken us from one country with 20 associates to eight countries and over 13,000 associates.


Business Units


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Job Application



Corporate Offices:

Diagonal 6, 10-65 zone 10
Las Margaritas Business Center
Tower 1, 4th floor.
Tel.: (502) 2411-5353

Intercargo Business Logistics Center:

31 street, 25-45 zone 12
Santa Elisa Colony
Intercargo Building
Tel.: (502) 2380-9801



Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions or require additional information about us and we´ll contact you as soon as possible.




We want to change the lives of our associates, their families and their communities through education. Our main purpose as a foundation is giving back to society good for good.

ALMO Foundation programs have been developed as social outreach to give back. Established on July 6th, 1995. It is present in all the countries of Central America, which have low income and high-risk populations. We benefit the associates of the companies of GRUPO ALMO, as much as their families and communities, with innovative programs in Education, Health and house improvement.


Implement an innovative social responsibility program that allows us to consolidate a sustainable future for our associates, families and communities, through a commitment with their comprehensive development.


Give back to society good for good.


  • Scholarships for the children of deceased associates. (Guatemala, El Salvador)
  • Elementary literacy (Honduras)
  • Continuous Education (Primaria –Bachillerato),(Guatemala and El Salvador)
  • Virtual Literacy (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica)
  • School Bags (From Guatemala to Panama)
  • College Support (El Salvador and Guatemala)

Health and Preventive Health

  • HIV/AIDS PROGRAM (Behavioral Changes and sex education) (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica)
  • CERVICAL CANCER DETECTION (associates and wives of associates)
  • Agreement with ASOQUEM – Nicaragua, for the care of the children of the associates
  • Preventive Health Campaigns - Central America

Community Programs

CENTER FOR NUTRITIONAL RECOVERY IN SANYUYO, JALAPA - GUATEMALA provides service to 48,000 people in the region, covering 35 communities

ALTA VERAPAZ GUATEMALA– COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, through Wood saving stoves and water purifier filters (558 families)

House improvement programs

Housing Improvement Program, with over a year of existence in our companies through the revolving fund for the associates. Instituted in all the companies of the group in the Central American Region

Continuous Education Program

Formal education is promoted among the associates all of our companies, from elementary school up to high school, having total support from both the companies and the Foundation. It is annually invested more than a million quetzals in this program for Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Corporate Volunteers

Through United Way, corporate volunteering is carried out with associates from all the companies of the group that are affiliated to United Fund. In our companies, all personnel is involved in the volunteer actions, including General Managers, in order to encourage the contributions and activities towards the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

Grupo Almo workers are never alone

Tropical storm AGATHA left some of our associates homeless. We made ourselves present with clothes, food and in this particular case, with a place to live in a different location.

New Projects

  • An extension of the Educational Program for the associates in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Since 2010, we have in Guatemala an Academic Leveling Program, which covers from the first year of elementary school up to high school, on which “Almo Foundation” sponsors 50% of the total cost. We have around 345 workers from ADG, Ébano, El Correo, Caex, Proval, Neo and Pronet that have graduated with this program. Our total investment is more than a million quetzals.

Since 2011, the same educational program has been established in El Salvador. At the moment, this program is active in San Miguel and San Salvador.

Housing Improvement

Since 2007, it was decided to support our workers in the improvement of their homes. This program began in Nicaragua and has been developed also in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

Academic Scholarships

We have awarded scholarships in El Salvador, to children of our associates who have died at work or that have been suspended by labor accidents. These children are a good example of dedication and perseverance. These scholarships are granted only if the child is attending a private school at the time of the event.

Support to the associates that suffered by cause of a Natural Disaster in Guatemala.

Housing construction and food aid delivery.

Back packs and School Supplies

Corporate Clinic in El Salvador

The health of our associates is very important to us. In El Salvador, we have a Corporate Clinic, which is a tool in the development of seminars regarding health problems.

Fulfilling a dream

The program "Fulfilling a Dream" exists in Panama and provides the associates the necessary tools to make dreams come true.

Business Units


In this Strategic Business Unit, we have developed a portfolio of logistic services (3PL- Third Party Logistics) in Central America and The United States grouped into five categories:

  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Storage and Distribution
  • International Cargo Transportation (air, ground and marine FCL/LCL)
  • Consulting in Managing the Supply Chain
  • Logistic Services of Added Value and Outsourcing Services (Call center/BPO)
  • AS
  • AS
  • Cargo Expreso
  • El Correo
  • Tropical
  • UPS

Through our "Culture of Service", we seek to achieve a positive experience for our customers and obtaining their loyalty, building with pride and passion the solutions to their logistical needs. Our business is trust, and the compliance with our customers, suppliers and partners, is our priority.

In this unit we provide innovative solutions, developing trust to become indispensable logistics partners and fulfilling the expectations of our regional customers.

Our services are focused on operational excellence, through efficiency, flexibility and visibility. We promote talent and leadership management, developing associates, in order to serve customers on their daily activities.

The development of our products is focused on the needs of the customers, building solutions and delivery systems to accompany and support the sustainable growth of our customers.

We seek continuous improvement, supported by technology and innovation to reach operational excellence in a structured way.

We currently operate in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the United States with the support of more than 2,300 associates. This Business Unit has received the BASC and ISO 9001 certificates.

Business Units


The mission of our Security Unit is to provide peace of mind to our customers, by preventing risks associated to the physical integrity of people goods and information.

We represent a point of reference in the security industry of Central America, because of the quality and innovation of each and every one of our processes, as well as in the specialization we use for the execution of the solutions that we provide.

We have presence in six countries of Central America, with more than 8,800 associates, 53 head offices and over 10,100 electronic systems installed. Additionally, we are certified by technology manufacturers like Honywell (Prowatch, LobyWorks, MaxPro VMS, WinPak), UTCF&S Facility Comander Winex, Pelco and AIMETIS Simphony.

Our comprehensive solutions for home and business include:

  • Specialized security guards
  • Prevention of loss of goods in transit
  • Polygraphic and references studies
  • Pre-employment research
  • Internet surveillance cameras
  • GPS applications
  • Alarms
  • Monitoring and patrol assistance
  • Rental of armored vehicles

Business Units

Administracion de valores

The Cash in Transit Business Unit Unit of Grupo Almo made up of leading companies in the transportation and safeguard of valuables in their respective categories, being these: Proval, Transval, Pronet and Transportadora del Sur.

This Business Unit currently has approximately 3,000 associates and operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia.

  • Proval
  • Transval
  • Pronet


Company leader in transportation and cash management in Central America, with the best practices in transportation of valuable goods, being this one in an efficient, safe and adequate manner, in the precise moment and place. This company offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Remittances
  • Collection
  • Cash Processing
  • Payrolls
  • ATM
  • Safeguards
  • International transfers

Among our main customers in the countries where we operate, are major national and international companies.


It is a company specialized in the collecting of valuables, focused on small and medium businesses. Transval is recognized for offering a reliable, safe, discreet and attentive service in the risk management of the customers in the transport of their valuables.

This company has very capable staff, an infrastructure designed with the highest security standards, complemented with advanced technology in satellite devices and flexible logistic processes in order to satisfy the specific needs of each and every customer.

At this moment we have operations in Guatemala, serving high profile customers all over the country.


Is a company specialized in the payment and collection of services in the commercial area, insurances, and basic services, among others. In our network of points of service we have both physical and electronic points, to make it accessible to a wide range of users both nationally and regionally.

With Pronet, we offer services in Guatemala and El Salvador. We currently have over 1,000 points of service that have the support of the institution, being primarily focused on providing users with a closer and easier option to make their payments.

The service offered is based on a technological platform, integrated to the affiliated companies, which authorize the payments in the different service points. This company has Sitecpro and Deloitte certificates.


InnovAlmo is the process, people and the innovation culture of Grupo Almo.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a process that aims to generate value perceived by customers and users by modifying processes, products or services through changes in the business model, technology and/or design of our products and services. It also comprehends the activities that imply generation of new products, services or business models.


To transfer and promote the use of our own innovation model with the purpose of generating differentiated businesses of added value to our customers and our corporation.



Real State

In Grupo Almo we have a Real State Business Unit, with assets of our own, on which we currently operate most of our business regionally. This unit assures that the operations have the necessary infrastructure in order to provide our customers with the best service.


The existence of this business unit helps us assure the proper maintenance of our assets. It also gives us the opportunity to provide the adequate refurbishment of the facilities that we utilize, contributing this way to the optimization of our company owned resources.